Treatments can help with the following:

  • stress and anxiety
  • emotional imbalance, feeling overwhelmed or “stuck"
  • fatigue
  • digestive distress
  • poor appetite, or, conversely, an unusually high appetite
  • low energy
  • trouble falling asleep / restless sleep or waking through the night
  • chronic aches and pains
  • acute injuries
  • low libido, as well as other sexual difficulties
  • PMS and irregular cycles
  • allergies / sensitivities
  • headaches / poor memory / “brain fog"
  • frequent colds

What you can expect

During your first visit, we’ll spend some time talking about your health and wellness concerns. I’ll inquire about your day-to-day and general habits, so I can begin to understand your natural rhythms and patterns, as well as those that may be more of a hinderance to your well-being. How we live directly impacts how we heal. Together, we can identify areas where you may want to make some small (yet meaningful) changes, and start taking steps to reclaim your health.

Please be prepared to spend 1.5 hours together during your first visit. Following visits will typically last 1 hour.

It’s a good idea to eat a couple hours before your visit; it's better not to feel too full or too empty during the treatment. Points are located all over the body and wearing loose and comfortable clothing that may be pulled up above knees and elbows is advised. (If you’re coming in for an issue that’s in a specific area, such as the hip or the abdomen, please be prepared to make the area accessible during treatment. Sheets are available at the clinic and can be used to cover you up to stay warm).