Needles are superfine, sterilized, and single use. Strategic points will be selected to direct and optimize the benefit of each treatment. Patients often report the slightest of pricking sensations (not unlike pulling out a hair), and then a pleasant sense of heaviness and relaxation as they settle in to the treatment. Many people fall asleep during treatments and feel refreshed and relaxed upon waking.

Herbal medicine
A complimentary herbal consult is included with each visit. Custom formulas can be blended to your specific needs. The Chinese herbal cabinet is vast and inclusive - appropriate for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike. If you're on prescription medications, we can find modifications and work around those, too. Also, it's a lovely part of the treatment you can take home with you.   

Tui Na
This deep and dynamic style of bodywork can be helpful in many cases, particularly if you have old injuries that still ache or in cases of repetitive stress disorders with limited range of motion. A much more gentle touch can be employed for newer injuries to encourage proper circulation, which helps to reduce scar tissue build-up and expedite healing.

The suction created in the cups draws in the surface layers of the body and the negative pressure can feel wonderful. Releasing layers of musculoskeletal stagnation feels good because it does good by allowing oxygen and nourishment to circulate and flow, unimpeded, to areas that have long-needed them. Cupping may also be effective in releasing colds that are just beginning, soothing digestive issues, and helping with breathing problems! 

Gua Sha
Like cupping, gua sha may also be quite effective in releasing colds that are just starting as well as releasing stagnant layers of muscle and fascia. Also like cupping, it may leave marks that appear to look like bruises that do not hurt. Self massage and gentle movement coupled with deep hydration can help the appearance of these "bruises" to move out of the system more quickly. 


$150 initial visit
$100 follow-up visits

I also have limited slots of sliding scale appointments available. Please contact me for details.